Play thrones: Extraordinary safety measures to prevent leaks

adminNovember 28, 2018


Paranoid atmosphere on plateau in the last season of Play thrones, according to David Nutter, director of three of the last six episodes.

Security measures were raised to unimaginable levels, not just to destroy the plans of the many paparazziene who tried to hide in the sets. "The problem is that there was no paper on the sethe explains. Production wanted to make sure nobody knew what would happen. " Obviously it complicates things.

Not only were fake scenes shot and there was no doubt to have a blackboard to read on their lines, but still according to the filmmaker, the controls "was brought to a point where it looked like Gestapo, it was difficult to get answers." The fans are waiting with such excitement that we can understand this debauchery safely, not to spoil the pleasures before the episodes broadcast in April 2019.

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