"Place Royale" back in a formula, longer and more rare: "The messages about support have moved me"

adminNovember 29, 2018

Interview> Aurelie Parisi

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Going to the trap is the sad fate that almost knew Royal Square at the beginning of the last year. Engaged, budget constraints occurred after the development plan. Fortunately, with its 25 years of existence, the magazine of the crowned heads managed to keep the head out of the water. By bending to some modifications, however. The latter will actually send more each week, but the event and in a new format of 52 minutes, that is, twice as long as before. "We chose a thematic and more targeted format. We will no longer see the news under the magnifying glass, which allows us to offer viewers more detailed files"says Thomas de Bergeyck, who is always in the process of Emilie Dupuis.

The first throw of this Royal Square New formula will be discovering this Sunday, December 2nd, on RTL-TVI with a number dedicated to the visit of Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron in Belgium. "We will discover televiewers (…)

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