Piqué or the image of Shakira who was one of God in Barça: "Sinvergüenza"

adminDecember 28, 2018

December 27, 2018
(10:50 CET)

Hurried the last few days of the holiday. So, most of FC Barcelona players, who are scheduled to return to work next December 30th.

One of them is Gerard Piqué, which is in finland, the land off Santa Claus, spend these cold days on Christmas holidays.

Piqué-Mebarack spends Christmas as a family

Football player, with his partner Shakira and their children Milan and Sasha, they set courses for the Nordic country as soon as they finished the league match played against Celtic and since then they still thrive in a big way. Especially the little ones, who may have met personally Santa ClausHis movement of the goblins and the reindeer takes him every year to distribute gifts around the world.

but pique It does not get short in its joy. The central one Barça He also has a great time and we've seen this on his account Instagram. Therefore Gerard He has posted a snapshot showing one of the activities he has done during his stay finland. specifically, pique appears on a snowmobile.

Fans explode against Piqué

A snapshot that not everyone liked as much. The fans of the football player and his partner have not been slow to give their "I like" to the publication. But others have expressed themselves in a different direction.

"Sinvergüenza", they call some fans BarçaAnd it is that the player would skip one of the rules that exist in the club and it prohibits players from playing risky sports.

An additional questionable episode for a pique who have been in the limelight for a long time. Especially after he was taken on driving without points on his driver's license at that time Barcelona. And it is that actions of Indian discipline of Catalan have probably more than one.

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