Pilar Castaño's arrogance in La Agencia, Caracols new reality

adminJanuary 10, 2019

It was past 4 in the afternoon on a particular day in 1997. It was cold and the wind coming down 85th Street in Bogota seemed to be at the entrance to the Castaño Valencia family, where a recording was made by Dona Gloria, "First lady of the small screen ". She, in spite of everything, participated in a respectful manner – and as if she were a girl of seven or eight years – the instructions of the director of the chronicle made as a tribute to this entertainment figure in Colombia.

The scene that was filmed was important to recreate the audiovisual story, and even though he had noticed that he did not like to go out on the street, it was the familiar face of The price is right and birthday Bouquet He agreed to take some shots on the nearby roads, which were not as crowded as they are today. The woman, who from the very young lived between lights, cameras and racks, knew it was important to leave some personal habits and wonder when they made television. I also knew well that a director's voice was the most important in a set, either indoors or outdoors, in a competition, music, fashion or opinion program.

I was there because I was part of the production team in the documentary series where Dona Gloria Valencia came out weeks later.

Twelve or 13 years ago, I saw the son of this brilliant presenter on the head of a project registered in the Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation Museum. Rodrigo knew how he respected his role as a director. I remember the way he asked for silence from those who were there, on the site of Calle de La Fatiga; In a friendly and yet energetic way, the filmmaker also ordered everyone present, including the director of that art gallery, to remain completely silent as the old wooden floor of two centuries creaked with the slightest movement of some … even the signs of the paintings hanging there , seemed more stupid than usual.

Both Rodrigo Castaño and his mother, whom no one has been able to replace on television in our country, knew perfectly the role of each of those involved in a production. I imagine Don Alvaro, the husband of Dona Gloria, who directed Naturalia Among other things, he knew it, and therefore he came to win recognition from the public in the 70s and 80s, as several rooms were dedicated to cultural information than to superficial and banal topics.

The respect demonstrated by the now dead Alvaro, Gloria and Rodrigo for the audiovisual realization and for each of its roles, especially the director, was forgotten by the other member of the Castaño Valencia family. or it seemed when he saw her in the first episode of the new Caracol channel reality show, Agency, battle of models.

Pilar is another star of the national show that has been made to pulsate and support his parents. The family's tail – which she called herself as she followed her brother to work and at times when they could speak on the set – is today an important reference, especially in fashion, which has led her to participate as an expert on various international events , writing several books and being recognized as a leader in the subject.

But these achievements and the fact that it is considered by some of the most important people in the fashion industry in the country, do not make her a diva with the right to do what she likes on a recording set, even though he does not know the work of a product leader – like a television commercial – who have the right to make a person who makes noise and does not allow the activity to develop properly, including divas.

A pillar, perhaps, forgot what the students in audiovisual media and social communication are learning in the first semester of their career and what those who work in film or television know as a premise: the director is the one who is in charge of a shooting. Or suddenly, the former presenter of the National Beauty Reign seems to be a jury Agency Give him the power to be over all, but it is not so.

It is easy to understand that the importance of roles in the television world varies depending on location and time; So far, the "norm" to give the director all authority on a set, and it has been maintained for more than a century in the industry, has not changed.

It is fashionable – because it is – who should find a way to go unnoticed with the other two judges, after the director of a commercial phrase "light, cameras, action." If you want to be noticed a little more than what you have already deserved, your gut and ego can be good, from your role as an evaluator of products and models, at the time of the punishment.

Pilar, as a guide to the fashion industry and heir of great talent on the small screen, must seek what she herself said in the second episode of the reality show: "The models are the real protagonists".

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