Pietro Lombardi: "You are a failure"

adminJanuary 10, 2019

He didn't have that easy in life! Pietro Lombardi, 26, is one of the most successful German artists and is currently on the DSDS jury. But as a teenager, the music suffered from extreme self-esteem due to miserable words from their fellow human beings …

Pietro's turbulent DSDS journey

If you look at Pietro Lombardi today, nothing is reminiscent of the chaotic and nervous 18-year-old who was facing the DSDS jury in 2011. Meanwhile, the 26-year-old now reveals in his documentary "The Pietro Lombardi Story" At that time, he suffered from self-confidence.

Several times, "dork with the hood", as he was called, was crying during his casting history – he was always scared Not good enough to failBut with his honest style and special voice, he conquered the jury's hearts around Dieter Bohlen and thousands of fan hearts, eventually eventually winning the title "Germany's superstar".

Pietro Lombardi: "You won't be anything!"

His path to success, however, was rocky.

I was often sad and thought: & # 39; I can't do anything & # 39 ;,

he now admits. Again and again he got a feeling to be a failure.

His teacher said: & # 39; You won't be anything & # 39 ;,

reveals Pietro's best friend Antar in Pietro's documentary.

Karlsruhe actually broke down after eighth grade school and sought compensation in sports. He did ten years of martial arts, which no one knew. He was also passionate about football and was even very successful in it before he was seriously injured and his career was over.

Again and again, Pietro had the disgusting words to his fellow man in his head: "You won't be anything." He pressed the desk again and got his degree and worked as a Swarovski Steinger.

but His greatest passion has always been the music and then, without the encouragement of his parents, he went to the DSDS casting in Cologne, and the story took the course. Meanwhile, Pietro looks back on a past as absolute nothing more with his presence have to do. He is now more confident and proud than ever – no wonder! After all, he is a loving father, who has also made a great start to his professional career over the past two years!

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