Piers Morgan responds to Ariana Grande for the Little Mix fight when she invites her to GMB

adminNovember 21, 2018

Piers Morgan was involved in a big fight with Little Mix and Ariana Grande (Photo: Getty)

Ariana Grande got into the strange fight of Piers Morgan with Little Mix, after he claimed that they were using sex to sell his new album, LM5.

After the mother of all Twitter comments directed at the host of Good Morning Britain (seriously, she left), the 53-year-old girl has responded.

And, by returning the blow, we refer to the fact that he has invited the singer Sweetener to the ITV program to tell him his part in the face.

Will Ariana Grande appear in Good Morning Britain? (Photo: Getty)

"Since I called @ArianaGrande, do I want to come to @GMB on Monday to resolve this as a woman's hand? We can also bring our mothers, if they wish," he asked.
She still has to accept your offer …

If you have no idea where all this comes from, where have you been?

It all started when 25-year-old Joan criticized Piers for his comments about the winners of The X Factor, after he hit his last piece of art for Strip, who saw them pose completely naked and covered in insults .

He previously accused Move's singers for "using their sexual image to sell albums" and said they had taken the idea of ​​filming The Dixie Chicks.

If that was not enough, after Jesy Nelson called him an "idiot" during an appearance on Radio 1, he returned the blow and marked it as "grim and cheap" in his latest Instagram post.

Joan decided that enough was enough, telling her: "Honestly, what's the matter with you @piersmorgan? Did not your mother teach you? If you do not have anything good to say, do not say it!

"You came to @TheEllenShow yesterday, which was embarrassing, she's an angel. @ LittleMix today, did you ever listen to pay tribute? And … well, it does not matter."

Returning the answer, she replied: "Hi Joan, my mother taught me to say what I think and never be afraid to express an honest opinion." "Ellen is a hypocrite, and as for Little Mix, I'd prefer that they use their talent to sell records instead of their nudity – as your own daughter does …!

Ariana quickly became involved and responded: "Ellen is an amazing and kind human being … I use my talent And my sexuality all the time because I want it so.

"Women can be sexual and talented, naked and dignified, it's our choice, and we'll keep fighting until people understand, I say this with all due respect, but thanks, next."

& # 39; Hello Ariana! It's good to hear from you so soon after your mother, "Piers replied." Of course, women can do whatever they want, but if they use nudity to sell records to young, impressionable fans, I will continue to call them to you. they do.

"All due respect, but thanks. Next … & # 39;

Not here to play, she responded quickly: "Also @piersmorgan, I look forward to the day when you realize that there are other ways to make yourself more relevant than criticizing young, beautiful and successful women for everything they do.

"I think it will be something beautiful for you and your career or what's left of it."

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Mic fell, picked up and fell again …

Piers, who never wanted the last word, added: "Now, young lady, my career is fine, thank you." For the record, I criticize / praise everyone: men, women, gender fluids, in fact, I've written columns praising you And criticizing you, and you deserved both. "

Could someone else do with a good cup of chamomile after that?

We wonder if Ari will accept your request to spend the morning together at the Good Morning Britain studios.

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