Piers Morgan mocked Daniel Craig's "Papoose". Twitter gave him a lesson on modern manhood.

adminOctober 16, 2018


British journalist and television personality Piers Morgan lit up social media on Sunday when he tweeted a photo of James Bond star Daniel Craig, who was carrying his little daughter in a baby carrier.

Many of Morgan's 6.5 million followers were less than impressed with the trick of embarrassing his father. The response was swift and severe: the Brit was widely criticized for his twisted image of manhood, in which he claimed that Craig's choice of parenting devices was a sign of emasculation rather than practicality.

Some users responded by calling Morgan's names, such as "unsafe man. "Others tried a more rational approach in explaining the benefits of baby carriers, which allow parents to keep children close and still have their hands free while walking down the street.

Others wrote that a father who cares for his son, even using a papoose, is attractive. A handful of men responded with pictures of themselves using baby carriers.

Craig is not even Bond's first actor to be photographed with his son.

Morgan could not be reached for comment; Craig, who recently received his daughter with actress Rachel Weisz in the world, could not either.

It is not news to see that many men are committed partners in the upbringing of children. They change diapers and handle night moans. They tie the babies to their breasts and also take care of the day's affairs. They are part of a generation whose mothers and fathers embrace their parenting side and share the workload at home.

Morgan, a father himself, did not bend down or waffle; He maintained that the papoas are "ridiculous instruments of emasculation".

On the other hand the he defended his honor on the social media platform, clinging to the constant flow of content related to papoose and incitement President Trump will share his thoughts on the baby carrier:

"Everyone else seems to be very worried about them, I do not really have you as a papoose kid, but you're full of surprises."

Trump did not take the bait.

Calling the tweets-mooring a "fierce Papoose-gate debate", Morgan's inevitable conclusion was that there must be a change in the James Bond casting. Clearly, he said, the world needs a "007 that looks good in a tuxedo and does not look dead in a papoose."

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