Piers Morgan mocked Daniel Craig for bringing his own son

adminOctober 16, 2018

Piers Morgan, the British television personality, saw a picture of Daniel Craig carrying his little daughter and decided to make fun of him. His tweet showed a picture of the James Bond star carrying his baby in a baby carrier and included the hashtag #emasculatedBond and the word #papoose, an appropriate term to signify a child carrier.

Twitter immediately called him because of his feelings about masculinity. Parents around the world sent pictures of themselves with their children.

"There is nothing more masculine than a father who plays an active role in raising and caring for his son." another user wrote. "It was time for the media to celebrate this, I mean, is not it true that right-wing fans are always talking about the lack of family values?"

Morgan doubled, however. In a series of tweets, says he has no qualms about taking care of children or even take them from time to time, has a problem while men use a baby carrier, despite the fact that they make holding a twisted baby a little easier, makes it more comfortable, makes it much more difficult to drop a child accidentally and let the whole process last longer. Find a baby dressed to be women's work, apparently.

Then, in a crossover event, Captain America Star Chris Evans rushed to Craig's defense, noting that Morgan has to be "uncertain" of his own masculinity to worry about "how another man carries his son."

Morgan scoffed in response"However," Captain America would not use a papoose. "Morgan found an exception to his rule on the use of babies, noting that UFC fighters could do whatever they wanted, however, he made the exception only for" reasons of self-preservation ".

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