Piers Morgan is dragged to go after men with babies

adminOctober 16, 2018



I'm sorry to inform you that Piers Morgan is in that again. The personality of television, known for its terrible shots, misogyny flagrant and strange obsession with Donald Trump led to Twitter to criticize … good parents?

He published a photo of Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond, holding his baby in an adorable stained baby carrier. Insinuating that Craig was "emasculated" for worrying about being a good father, Morgan tweeted: "Oh 007 … are not you too?"

Morgan has labeled both #emasculatedBond and #papoose, which according to the Oxford Dictionary, is a "type of bag that is used to carry a child on the back".

Twitter users immediately chased him for his ridiculous take.

You know you've been too high when even the dictionary is after you.

Some want to stop paying attention to it completely.

The men began to post pictures of themselves with their babies in response.

Morgan, unperturbed by the entire reaction, went as far as to suggest that he He could play James Bond, and they also roasted him completely.

Let's take a moment to appreciate the fact that men who have cute babies are drowning Piers Morgan on Twitter.

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