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adminNovember 30, 2018


Friday 30th. November 2018

Fatima Khalid wrote:

The four sisters, Mai Selim, Mays, Dana and Dalia Hamdan, performed at the Reed Carpath Festival at the 40th Cairo Film Festival in their first appearance with their older sister, Dalia, who gave them a different character.

The three stars Mai Selim and Mays Hamdan and the host of the program Dana Hamdan appeared with attractive looks, they came in silver and gilded colors. They also chose the brightly embroidered cloth to decorate their appearance. In addition, Mai and Dana chose the skirts as opposed to their third sister. Mays and Mei chose the golden color, with sister Dana, who adopted silver.

Hamdan sisters at the end of Cairo International Kinematic Festival

"Stylish and distinctive" was the view of Mai Selim, according to fashionist Aiten Amer, who also said that she also kept up with the latest fashion from the design of the shining golden color until the hairstyle came in line with the dress and features of her face, As the breast area is empty, especially the design of the dress from the top of the "cup" (ie without sleeves and starting from the breast area), according to "Amer" in her statement to "Masrawi".

The appearance of Mays Hamdan was good, from the appropriate makeup to the look and the hairstyle, but the type of cloth and dress color from the top was not consistent from the beginning of life, the dress showed two pieces, such as shirt and pocket and no dress, in addition to The dress was sleeveless and open at Big but also without contract, what he has shown is not successful, according to Aesthene Aesthen.

While the design of the dress of the program's presenter Dana Hamdan was not successful, according to "Amer": "It was an old fashion but the shiny gold color is a modern scream and the red lipstick was not so successful and needed a color on Kashmir, Hadi because the dress's blatant nature, "he said.

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