Picture with Laura Cosoi in a bathing suit that hated fans. "Are you pregnant?"

adminJanuary 10, 2019

On January 2, she was 37, and is now celebrating a dream place in the Maldives with her husband, Cosmin Curticăpean. But the two are not alone in a romantic getaway, as they were in their honeymoon, but they also brought with them little Rita, their 8-month-old daughter. Laura has a vacation, relaxing, radiating, and recently adding Instagram to a photo so few celebrities have the courage. The star put in a swimsuit without hiding the rounds in the body without editing the picture in any way. Moreover, her movement of keeping her waist itself warned the fans, who asked her if she was pregnant with her second child. Laura refused, "No, I'm not pregnant," according to which the comments are on her silhouette.

Here's what the fans wrote:

"How do you think she is pregnant, do you think it is so easy to lose weight during pregnancy? I think there are more beautiful and important things in the life of a healthy mother than extra pounds"

"You're a beautiful mother who doesn't hide reality and let everything be natural"

"You're beautiful, you're just like a normal mother after bringing a baby to the world"

"This picture inspires me so much relaxation and happiness and fulfillment, which I rarely see, but how I do not see the pictures of perfect body types at all! You're amazing, Laura!

"These kilos seem to me to be one of the most beautiful things for a woman when you think they have kept the baby's life"

"Fantastic! A mother who didn't put the price of melting kg, but rather raising the little one"

"This is a woman who gave birth! It's not like the influential duels that stoop to weaken and give lessons. Bravo, Laura! Plus she gave birth naturally and used. I love her! And she and Adela Popescu."

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