PHOTOS | Saint-Nicolas students are in full swing in this … (Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse)

adminNovember 26, 2018

This morning, the students shouted at Heuse Meuse for St. Nicholas students. At the moment, they celebrate it on the website given for this purpose on Godin-Parnajon Avenue.

Nearly 650 students in the 6th and 7th year with a dozen schools in Huy, Saint-Georges and Seilles wandered this morning from Godin-Parnajon Avenue, facing the pool. By 0930 the white, smelly mass of students rises in front of a tractor-drawn car. A carriage which is a Saint Nicolas and a snow queen who is colored and dancing, as, as perfect animators, motivates the troops who are willing to take the game. They were monitored by thirty volunteers from the ideal organization La Hutoise, but also by the police and peacekeepers, dressed in mauve clothing. This in a loop through Europe's bridge, Compiègne Pier, King Baudouin Bridge, Dautrebande breaks before returning to the avenue of Godin-Parnajon, where the party room is located. «Hutoisen organizes the students Saint-Nicolas since 2006says Morgane Siplet, from La Hutoise. My parents did it too, so it's a very old tradition in Huy. " There, all afternoon, the youngsters can dance at DJ Snaïky, to drink a drink, to dance again, to eat, to sip, to dance … for 17 hours. On-site is the restaurant owners Signedengis and Pita Bodrum. The prevention department in the city of Huy offers free soft drinks, chocolate breads and soups; Red Cross and an ambulance camp also, just in case. Throughout the day, water will be distributed free to cut the foam's effects.

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