Photographer looks for couple captured in marriage proposal shot

adminOctober 20, 2018

A photographer from Michigan took an impressive photo of a marriage proposal in Yosemite National Park last week. Now, he is trying to find that couple and is asking for help on social networks, reported WOOD-TV.

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Matthew Dippel, of Grand Rapids, was on a road trip in California with a friend and was walking near Taft Point when he decided to stop and take pictures, WLIX reported. It was then that he saw the marriage proposal and quickly took a photograph.

"I looked at my camera right afterwards to make sure I really got it and they captivated me – it's an amazing picture," Dippel told WOOD.

Dippel and his friend went to Taft Point and tried to find the couple, but they had already left.

Dippel asked several people, but nobody knew who they were, WLIX reported.

"I walked around to try to find out who the couple was, I asked about 20-25 people and nobody knew who they were," Dippel told WOOD.

Dippel decided to publish his opportunity on social networks, hoping that the couple could be identified. He has posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

"Honestly, I'd like to give you just a great impression of the photo because it's an incredible moment," Dippel told WOOD. Cliff."

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