PHOTO. Patrick Sébastien reveals the face of her daughter Lily for the first time

adminNovember 30, 2018

Patrick Sébastien is standing together with his daughter Lily and his wife Nana on the front of Gala, published Thursday 29 November. In the columns of the magazine, the animator tells the story of his adopted daughter.

This is the first time Patrick Sébastien shows the face of her daughter Lily. The evicted French host 2 stands in front of the magazine gala in the newsstand Thursday, November 29, together with her adopted daughter and wife girl. With a smile on her lips, the little family seems particularly happy and united. In an interview with the weekly, the presenter announces the world's greatest and annual happiness with open heart, the story of her adopted daughter, not without emotion. "I have a special relationship with her because she comes from remote, from Tahiti, 15,000 miles from the house while my father in my village did not even come to get me 15,000 centimeters from his house. What ties a family is love, not the blood we have in common, I know what I'm talking about Lily, and I have one thing in common, we do not know our father, " he greets himself.

Patrick Sébastien also comes back to the arrival of Lily in his family. "I wanted a little, come from far and colorful", He explains before he prepares his daughter "Come" in a painful time in his life. "I lost the woman in my life, it's my mother" He tells. "I managed to build a family that I did not have, an atypical family because I'm married to a woman who can not have children because she does not have female hormones." My daughter helps me to hold on, she's important to me, it's up to her that I'm fighting to get up " says Patrick Sébastien. A poignant statement.

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