PHOTO – Laury Thilleman: This picture shocked his fans

adminNovember 26, 2018

Laury Thilleman posted a photo on the occasion of the Black Friday Friday 23rd. November, who failed to shock many fans, disappointed by the host.

Laury Thilleman is a shock diagram. If his images are generally unanimous, one has caused a stir. Friday 23. November, during the "Black Friday" campaign, the host and former Miss France sent a picture of sportswear, very athletic, advertising for a dedicated clothing brand. "Dance, vibrate, crack it's black friday "she encouraged.

A tip that really did not have the desired effect with any fans of Laury Thilleman: they regretted that she was pushing for consumption, a gesture not very green, while she repeatedly encouraged actions much more citizen. " Although everything is fine, Black Friday is also synonymous with overuse … Discounts that will convince you to buy new and throw in lots "," Disappointed by this post! In total inadequacy with your principles it's a pity … "," We're talking about overuse and what's moredevastating objects of our environment, produced at the other end of the planet and by people paid with the lance stone … Can we read among the comments?

Others took the defense of Laury Thilleman and praised his body emphasized by this outfit. "It does not force anyone to buy what I know … And when we are a mouse, it goes without saying that it promotes this brand. It's also her livelihood … This does not prevent her from worrying about the fate of our country, "" I love outfits, you have a dream body! ", »Long live sports"wrote Internet users.

The host communicates not only on the Black Friday: November 18, she made "plogging", or a continuous session by picking up trash found on the way. " Take the chance to set rhythm and intensity for jogging. character is 1 waste = 1 trick and I promise you tomorrow will stick. But pain and pain is nothing against this guest citizen who does so much in his head and morale "Secured Laury Thilleman's subscribers. An act actually much more organic than an afternoon shopping exaggerated …

Photo Credits: STARFACE

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