PHOTO – Charlene Monaco: her reunion with brother Sean, far from Albert II

adminNovember 26, 2018

It is a rare face like Charlene of Monaco, usually no longer in retention and solemnity, present in Abu Dhabi this Sunday, November 25th. Normal. Guest of the United Arab Emirates F1 Grand Prix, the princess found Sean, her beloved big brother …

The weeks follow each other, do not have the same decor, but remain the family of the princess of Charlene of Monaco. A week after celebrating Monaco's national vacation, along with her twins and almost all of Grimaldi, on the balcony of the royal palace, Albert II's wife participated in the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand PrixThis Sunday, November 25th. tender The monegasian sovereigns were not by his sideDid Charlene do He was not happy to find his great brother Sean Wittstockpassionate about car circuits.

If the younger sibling Wittstock is quite discreet at Rock, which appears only on the occasion of the Monaco F1 Grand Prix or during sporting events in support of the foundation of his sister, the reason is quite simple. Unlike their older brother Gareth who settled with his wife Roisin in principle, Sean, a salesman, lived in South Africa with his wife Chantell and their 5 year old son. What does his reunion with Charlene give the character of an enchanted parenthesis. Enchanted Parathesis … as the princess's smile, this 25th of November.

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