Philippe busy about how Michelle Williams helped save his marriage

adminOctober 16, 2018

Busy Philipps is becoming honest about her near divorce and how her best friend Michelle Williams helped save her marriage.

In his new memory, This will only hurt a little, the 39-year-old actress revealed that her marriage to producer Marc Silverstein had reached a difficult point that led her to seek emotional support in another man.

"There was a man he was a friend with, another dad. We had been having lunch and those things. Text messages Speaking a lot on the phone, "wrote Philipps. "Honestly, I was in love with him, I like him, maybe I even loved him?" Clearly he loved him too.

When he told Silverstein that he wanted to divorce, he wrote that he reacted in shock and asked for another chance. When Philipps wrote, one of her best friends, Emily Bronkesh-Buchbinder, told her: "Whatever you want, Pup. I'm there for you."

Philipps recalled that Williams, 38, advised: "It would be really horrible for two years and then find a new normal, but honestly, if you can keep your family intact, I think you should."

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Philipps also turned to his therapist, who said: "Listen. Divorce f- up children. It just does it. "

The actress and her husband began to attend therapy again. "This time, Marc has his own therapist, and we started working through him, but I also kept talking to my emotional boyfriend (for lack of a better term), I know, that part is so s– I'm sorry. I really am, I really am. "

Philipps and Silverstein were married in 2007. The couple shares two daughters, 10-year-old Birdie Leigh and 5-year-old Cricket Pearl.

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