It is said that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are calling for his resignation. The couple met on "Saturday Night Live" and committed just weeks after their relationship was official on Instagram in May.

Pete Davidson faces his broken engagement with Ariana Grande head on.

The "Saturday Night Live" star drew her love life for the fodder for the comedy show Judd & Pete for America on Saturday, marking her first appearance on stage since her split. The comedy show, which was co-host with Judd Apatow, was a benefit for Swing Left.

"Well, as you might say, I do not want to be here," Davidson, 24, told the crowd in Largo at Coronet in West Hollywood, not mentioning the name of Grande, according to E! News. "A lot of things are happening."

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Just last weekend, the news broke that Davidson and Grande's romance and hurried engagement had ended in a matter of months. Davidson, who lived with Grande in his multi-million dollar apartment in Manhattan, joked about the need for a new place.

"Does anyone have an open room?" He said in an extract obtained by E! News. "Are you looking for a roommate?"

He also referred to his permanent ink that survived his relationship with Grande, including a tattoo behind his year inspired by the pop star.

"Um, I've been covering a lot of tattoos, that's fun," Davidson said. "I'm (unfit) 0 for 2 in the tattoo (department). Yes, I'm afraid of getting my mom tattooed, that's how bad it is."

He continued: "Obviously, you know … we broke up or whatever, but when we got engaged (Big) and I, we got tattoos." And it was in a magazine like, "Was Pete Davidson stupid? & # 39; And 93 percent said yes, so my boy said, "Do not listen to that man (foolish man)." And the other day we were in my kitchen and he said: & # 39; Yo, brother, it turns out you were stupid & # 39 ;. "

Apatow supported Davidson for not canceling the comedy show, to which the cast member of "SNL" responded: "Well, you put me on the wheel, I had to … (Expletive) my feelings."

USA TODAY has contacted the Davidson representative for details on appearance.

Just a few days ago, Grande broke his silence on Davidson before moving away completely from social networks in an Instagram story published on Tuesday, by E! News and People.

"It's time to say goodbye to the Internet for just a little," he said. "It's hard not to hit news and things that I'm not trying to see, it's very sad and we're all trying to move forward, I love you, and thank you for always being here."

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