Pet Pig Piggy Smalls by Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson has just made their glorious debut music video

adminOctober 11, 2018

Ariana Grande, Pet Pig, Instagram


Ariana Grande Y Pete DavidsonThe notorious P.I.G. She made a long debut on the Internet in the singer's music video for her song "breathin".

His pet, the pig from the teacup, appropriately named Piggy Smalls, wandered around the bed while occasionally sniffing the camera for a little over three minutes. That's the whole music video.

Piggy Smalls has appeared on Instagram Big from time to time, but "breathin" is the first important commercial movement of the animal. On September 16, Grande introduced Piggy to the world in an Instagram story in which his pet sits on his shoulder. In another photo, the piglet sleeps in Davidson's stomach with a subtle smile on his face.

While the singer of "No Tears Left to Cry" put Piggy in his video, Saturday night live The cast member made his most recent addition to the family a little more permanent. He tattooed the name of Piggy Smalls on his torso and a drawing of his pet.

Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande, Pig


A few weeks after it was inked, Davidson continued Late at night with Seth Meyers and delve into some more details about Piggy and how he came to inhabit his $ 16 million apartment in New York City. He told Meyers: "This girl, like, she was saying," I want a pig. "And then, an hour later, I was there. You know what I mean?

He continued: "Like, I'm still trying to get, like, a recharge from Propecia … This girl has a pig in a king hour".

According to Davidson, Piggy might not be so Smalls anymore. He said his pet was "big now." the SNL the comedian admitted: "I love it, I want it to become big and fat."

On Friday, Grande posted a selfie on Instagram with his album. Sweetener and while the fans enjoyed that, there was something disconcerting in the background that made the fans curious. It was a cradle with a subject lamp. Even Katy Perry I was confused. "What are you cooking in the crib?" Commented the singer of "Roar".

More fans started asking the same question.

Grande replied: "My secret child duh."

Presumably, not wanting the rumor mill to start flooding, he clarified the reason behind the crib. "That's the Piggy Smalls game pen in the background, red is to keep you warm," she replied.

On Tuesday, Grande published a montage on Instagram of the two huddled, as well as the solo shots of the pig, being his cute self.

Grande mocked Piggy's "breathing" on one of his Instagram uploads. He published a clip of the music video with Piggy eating something and surfing the blanket on which he is standing. "You asked," she subtitled it.

Ask and you will receive Piggy Smalls. Watch the full video for "encouragement" above.

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