Pepe, first statements after the accident on the slope: "I was unconscious"

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Pepe didn't think this joy would affect him very much and make him go to the hospital right from the beginning of the year. He published a photo on social networks where he showed his virtual friends how he had his shoulder dislocated.

"I learned to do many things with the left. I made my cutter and shoes. I was on vacation, took the tide to put on my plate and climbed up there on the mountain. Together with two friends we didn't look into the bulletin, we I forgot what age we have, I went without a helmet.When I got the bigger part, I got faster and turned, slipped my plate and fell straight on my shoulder, I didn't know what I was breaking when I made it out of my shoulder "I felt it was over. When I got to the hotel, Raluca removed me and I didn't know. They gave me a massage and put my shoulder in. I'm going to MRI," said Pepe on TV.

Pepe said he remains unconscious after he was injured on the piste and had to go to the hospital to do a routine check to find out if he is completely healthy.

"I was unconscious, I risked. The blame was mine. I am sure that through medical gymnastics I will recover completely, not surgery. The hope was great. I was thinking of movies with Van Damme. I want to exclude the operating variant. I come on the plate, "But I take more care. Even though I promised Raluca, I no longer went. We have to think about it," said Pepe.

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