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adminJanuary 8, 2019

The gala on January 6 in Dance with the stars was marked by the return of the newborn Rita Pereira to the small screen after being the mother for the first time, but also the output of Badoxa allows to talk.

It was after "face to face" with Jose Condessa, that Badoxa was written off, all thanks to public voice. However, the outcome of the galaxy was not the equation of all viewers, which was reflected in the social networks of Pedro Teixeira, host.

Just ashamed of the end of today's galaxy. A program I've been following week by week, and it has surprised me to the end result of today's gala. A shame, both from the production side and the audience, which gives a point of voting for the competitors, given the reasons extrinsic to the program and not to their work and progress.

If this continues, it is also not worth doing such programs. To continue, however, is to bet on reality shows and matchmaking programs because the Malta knows how to evaluate and deliriates. In Portugal, these programs, though amazing, have been poorly executed and visited (I refer to those who vote). And then they say in the program that the dance should be supported? BUT HOW? IF THESE PROGRAMS ARE NOT CORRECT AND SAME. If you want to appreciate dancing more, you should first appreciate who is participating.

Unlike this comment, Pedro Teixeira did not care and decided to respond to the trailer. "All competitors are valued in the same way. It costs us when someone leaves, but the truth is that someone always leaves, and in this case it is the public who has the last say. I hope you continue to follow us because we work hard to give you the best. Big hug. "

The reaction from the presenter was supported by Sara Matos, the actress Pedro Teixeira currently shares her life, who also commented on the publication with emojis of applause.

This Sunday, the program broke record of the audience. Rita Pereira and Pedro Teixeira won the competition, which the presenters made a point of highlighting.

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