Peace River dies with its lover in the fight

adminJanuary 9, 2019

& # 39; Academy of Turkey & # 39; the singer is known by the competition disciplined genius Channel D posted on screen & # 39; Muge and Gülşen & # 39; l 2 Page & # 39; program was a guest. Bilimlier, after many years of striking statements from the Peace River accident.


Deha Bilimlier, who watched her performances with Barış Akarsu in the competition program she attended many years ago, explained a detail that no one knew. Bilimlier said: "We became friends before we began to compete with peace. We became very sincere in the competition and after that we lost a nice look in peace. It was a very sad thing for us. Fred was a very comfortable boy. used to go to the Otizimli Children's Foundation every month and even established associations.


The accident happened in Bodrum. We couldn't believe it when we heard it. I was in Bodrum. He's on a fight with his girlfriend on the road, so he tries to come back and they have an accident. His girlfriend was killed in the accident.

Barış Akarsu and Deha Bilimlier

"I didn't beat myself for peace"

I didn't think it was a big deal when I heard it was an accident. They took him to the hospital. We stayed in the hospital for two days and waited a lot and then we got the bad news. I was very hopeful of the peace. I still see her family.

Peace River

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