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adminJanuary 10, 2019

"The regime was more concerned with other things, and these artists go a little further, they even have room to do their activities and exhibitions in galleries in Portugal. This is not full of PIDE," the researcher said in comment to Lusa.

Joana Baião was in Paris at the invitation of the Museum L & # 39; Orangerie, where the exhibition "Cruel Tales" by Paula Rego takes place until January 14th.

The Portuguese researcher attended the conference around the painter's talks and talked about the theme "Portugal-London-Paris, Portuguese artists in exile in the 50s and 60s."

Paula Rego presents at that time in Portugal some works that are deeply critical of the regime and that they will not be censored because they leave them. No one understood their speech well, he said.

Instead of exile, Joana Baião, who was preparing his intervention with researcher Leonor Oliveira, preferred to speak in "circulation," since many of these artists were not directly pursued by the regime.

"It is artistic migration, and as such they do what they have to do outside and many come back, hold exhibitions in Portugal and sell in Portugal," he pointed out. The researcher referred to the fact that artists of the generation Paula Rego mainly went to "develop their artistic value" and because the national art schools were insufficient "to the new educational and artistic changes."

But the geographical distance did not leave the Portuguese artists far from the problematic country. According to Joana Baião, in London, at the Slade School, Paula Rego deepened even more "social issues and there is political awareness of the repressive environment that lived in Portugal".

To the public, mostly French, who was in the audience, the researcher showed pictures that are not part of the exhibition at the moment in the L & # 39; Orangerie Museum, and it is about topics like the dictatorship of Portugal and Spain and the colonial war.

Paula Rego's exhibition "Tales of Cruelty" was inaugurated in October, with the presence of the painter himself, and is curated by Cécile Debray, director of the L & # 39; Orangerie Museum.

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