Paul McCartney: "The Beatles have met but only in my head"

adminDecember 31, 2018

The music will not fall into the trap and begin to wonder what could have happened if his teammates John Lennon and George Harrison were still alive, but often he dreams of playing with them again … as in the old days.

Paul McCartney in a recent interview said, "I miss you so much," referring to Lennon and Harrison. courtesy

The music industry has been switching for a couple of years with an outbreak of nostalgia that has proven to be very profitable for some ancient glories. But when previous formations such as the Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls announce their intention to return to the scene after unfriendly breakups or years of separation, more people regret that they are not other artists – with longer courses or greater relevance in musical history – those who have the opportunity or the desire to play together again. (You may be interested: Paul McCartney: "composing music is embarrassing")

On top of the imaginary ranking of concerts that will never happen, the group's top quality in Liverpool will undoubtedly be: The Beatles. Those who grew up in the shadow of their doctor dreamed of seeing them perform live, and those who had the ability to do so before their separation would give something to repeat that moment. Paul McCartney himself is included in this group of nostalgic people. (Also read: Will Paul McCartney return to Glastonbury in 2019?)

The 76-year-old veteran musician gave an interview with BBC Radio Scotland where he realized that he himself wondered what would have happened if John Lennon was not murdered at the gates of his Manhattan apartment by Mark David Chapman in 1980 and if more Two decades Later, George Harrison would not have lost the fight against lung cancer. (Also: Paul McCartney, The Richest British Music)

"John and George are still a very important part of my life, they will always be." It would be great to be able to reunite the Beatles again … People always wonder what would have happened if … But there is no longer an opportunity so sad we will never know, I often think of them with great sadness because you two should be here. In John's case, it was a terrible tragedy, in George's case, a disease. Destiny would have happened, it would be valuable, "he said through emotional talk, admitting he usually dreams of his former training partners.

"As a musician, you often dream that you are in the recording studio or on the stage, and I often meet the boys again." In the morning, without going any further, I woke up and had been with George again. It was very nice, I think of him as a younger friend, because he was always the youngest of us all, so I see John and George these days, so yes, the Beatles have met, but only in my head. "

As a general rule, Paul McCartney does not attempt to waste time thinking about how his life could have been if he had not been hit by the tragedy, and would prefer to focus on the positive: "Although it is a certain sadness component, the greatest feeling is joy for having met the two guys, I miss them so much. "

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