Patrick Sébastien: His adopted daughter against racism, "treated badly black"

adminNovember 29, 2018

For now 65 years Patrick Sébastien has had three sons: the late Sébastien (who died 19 in 1991), Olivier (38), a mountebank like him and Benjamin (27), an engineer born by different mothers. Then, with his wife Nana, the former host of France took 2 Lily, a pretty brunette girl straight from Tahiti and now 11 years old. In the magazine gala, he introduces the pre-teenager for the first time and greets in his special relationship.

"Yesterday nevertheless, my baby was napping in my arms. Everything goes too fast"In the middle of an interview, he receives a phone call from Lily, who comes home from school, and every night when she returns home, the little girl warns her father to calm the humour's anxiety after his son Sebastian's death in a motorcycle accident."I'm so traumatized by my son's accident that I always have to know that everything is good. My obsession is the night's call that something has happened to your children. For her as for others"he explains.

Lily was treated as "bad black"

But Patrick Sebastien has reasons to worry about Lilys well-being. "I have concerns. Especially in the face of harassment"he admits, remembering that the girl was a victim of racism and"had to change school because he was called "bad black""…"I do not understand all this violence on social networks, on the Internet. So, I'm a father who explains the life of his daughter a lot, but I'm wrong", continues the animator.

Drugs, alcohol, sex … Patrick Sébastien discusses all subjects with her daughter. "Finally, to some extent"Then he has already discussed with her the possibility that she has a lover:"I keep telling him to take his time. I think about it day and night. I do not want her to burn the steps."But what he is afraid of above all is"bad employees""I know people with the heart, I just want to avoid meeting a boy who does not respect her"he concludes.

An interview to find in full in the magazine gala, in newsstand Wednesday 28 November 2018.

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