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adminJanuary 8, 2019

Already twice Shawne Fielding, Texan's ex-model and became known in Switzerland on the side of Ambassador Thomas Borer, married. And she will go again. But the man on her side sees it differently. Patrick Schöpf, a former ice hockey goalkeeper and on the side of Shawne Fielding for five years, says: "Since I do not want to stay, she will marry another."

"You must explain it now," said moderator Oliver Steffen, who had the celebrity couple in the first week of the new year in the show "Talk Daily" guest. "No wedding in 2019? It would be beautiful."

"Marriage needs an update"

But Patrick Schöpf is a burnt child. Too big the "disappointment" he experienced after his first marriage. "The woman can run away from you, take half your money, and then a judge says you can only see your kids every other week for two days."

It wouldn't be a second wedding for him. Before marriage must be changed as such. "Everything is updated, the phone, the computer – why not the marriage?" Ask Patrick Schöpf. He is convinced: "The marriage needs an update."

And what does Shawne Fielding say? "I have time."

Jerk, tears, bangs

The two have mastered the participation in the RTL show "Stjernens sommerhus" and missed the first place just as barely. He called her a jerk, she beat him, it was tears.

In the talk show they both ridiculously declare that they no longer argue that they are a "normal" couple and that they would not beat each other by the TV cameras. Fielding: "It was a Hollywood blow, an advertisement for the show."

Most recently, the couple were seen on TV24 in the celebrity gala "Ninja Warrior Switzerland" in Switzerland. Individually, they were sent out on the challenging obstacle course, and then the dissolution of the new year made more sport. Together. (Smo)

See the program TalkDaily with full-length Shawne Fielding and Patrick Schöpf:

Society's couple of the year

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