Paris Match invites you to the game Intra Muros at the Uccle Cultural Center

adminNovember 26, 2018


A game of Alexis Michalak who translates mise an abîme of the theater in the prison world by proposing to discover the broken lifestyles.

Awarded by 2 Molières in 2014 and 5 Molières in 2017, Alexis Michalik is a UFO in the theater world. At the same time, actor, author, director, he is a particularly formidable storyteller. Intra Muros Square? While the storm threatens, Richard, a director on return, will deliver his first theater class in power plants. He hopes for a big influx, which will lead to other courses – and other charges – but only two prisoners present themselves: Kevin, a crazy young dog and Ange, the fifties mutique who is just there to accompany his friend. Richard, assisted by one of his former actresses – by the way, his former wife – and an inexperienced social worker, choose to give his class anyway …


The piece will be presented from 6 to 8 December at the Uccle Cultural Center for three exclusive performances in Belgium.

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