Paris Hilton is divided with her fiancé Chris Zylka

adminNovember 19, 2018

Paris Hilton has finished her engagement with fiancé Chris Zylka.

Hilton, 37, and Zylka, 33, left after committing in January 2018, a source told PEOPLE.

"They separated a few weeks ago", shares the inside information. "The relationship moved very quickly, and she realized that it was not right for her."

For now, Hilton is keeping busy focusing on her career.

"She is traveling around the world for her skin care and her perfume," the source adds. "She wishes him all the best and hopes they can continue to be friends."

When PEOPLE spoke with the star in August 2018 for the launch of her 24th fragrance, Platinum Rush Paris Hilton For Women, Hilton set the record for her wedding date, after rumors began to circulate that the couple delayed the wedding. ceremony until 2019.

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"The 11/11 thing was never an established date," the star of reality told us. "Simply, 11/11 is something I love because I always say, & 11: 11, ask for a wish for good luck." So Chris was like, "Oh, let's do it on 11/11, that's such a special number for you."

She continued: "I was like, yes, but I did not look at my schedule, then, this summer, we were looking at our schedules and I said:" Oh, my God, we're both working non-stop until like the New Year & # 39. ;

"I want to be able to be relaxed, without stressing and not have to go to another country the next day." I want to be able to go directly from my wedding to my honeymoon and with my agenda [right now] That would be impossible, "said Hilton, who stayed busy all summer deejaying on her European Platinum Rush Tour and launched Paris Hilton Skincare,

Ultimately, Hilton said the wedding was something she and Zylka did not want to rush into. "We are both working hard and we decided it would be much better to just move on next year," he said. "With all the planning, I want it to be perfect and you can not rush something like this."

Hilton also said that she had a special wedding fragrance in the works, which she had planned to create using her nuptials as inspiration.

"We're coming out with a new fragrance, it's a surprise, so I can not say anything about it, but it's inspired by my wedding," he said. "I can not say the name or anything yet, but I'm going to use that, I've designed the bottle and now I'm just selecting different notes, mixing them and finding out exactly what I want the smell to be."

In April 2018, Hilton told PEOPLE that she found her wedding dress after touring all the workshops with her sister Nicky Hilton during New York Fashion Week. "I chose the final!" He said.

"It's so iconic and I can not wait for everyone to see it, right now, we're personalized, so it's really special," he shared. "We saw many different options because I'm friends with so many incredible designers who are very talented. So it was a very difficult choice, "the heiress added.

Zylka asked the question to Hilton in Aspen, Colorado, during a ski trip during the New Year's weekend with a dazzling 20-carat pear flare.

"I was so excited and surprised, I immediately said yes!" Hilton told People at the time, "The ring was so beautiful and bright. I was shaking as I put it on. It's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen!

The couple met for the first time at an Oscar party eight years ago, but did not reconnect until two years ago. Hilton made his relationship on social media official in February of last year with a beloved Instagram post.

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