Pain! Sofia Ribeiro reveals why she can't get pregnant – National

adminDecember 27, 2018

A fan of Sofia Ribeiro asked the actress if she was overweight or by chance they would have news and the answer was surprising. The TVI star has revealed why she can't get pregnant.
"Are you pussy or pregnant?" Reading the fan question. "I'm not. The medicine I take does not allow me. I'm very full of it. That's what doesn't give you time to practice and goals. But it's health! The rest of Malta is restoring, "replied the 34-year-old actress.

Sofia Ribeiro was asked if she would be pregnant. Here is the answer to the actress: "I am not, the medicine I do not allow myself, I am even more fucked, that is what gives you no time to exercise and measure, but it is health! The rest of Malta restores"

It is recalled that Sofia Ribeiro was diagnosed with breast in 2015 and has since undergone several aggressive treatments. Despite the recent positive results, the actor continues to closely follow doctors.

In his biography, & # 39; Trust & # 39;, Sofia Ribeiro reveals it came to collect the eggs before chemotherapy to realize the dream of being a mother. "It's one of my dreams, and I'm sure I'll stay," Cristina told the magazine in December 2016, 4 months after learning the positive treatment results.

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