Pain for Queen Elizabeth. The announcement of death was made

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Queen Elizabeth II of the UK is a great animal lover. especially dogs and horses. After the holiday she got a sad news.

One of the horses that followed the queen at each exit with the cart died. London police have published information on Twitter.

"Unfortunately, we regret that one of the horses accompanying Queen Elizabeth is dead. It is about Keston, which we thank for all the services", police said, according to Daily Mail.

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Who decorated Queen Elizabeth II at the end of the year

The seven British divers who rescued a Thai football team from a flooded cave in July are among the personalities decorated by Queen Elizabeth II, according to the traditional list of New Year's royal differences.

"It was a collaboration and I am very honored to have been recognized, especially because you are not involved in such a rescue operation waiting for such a result. said Vernon Unsworth, one of the rescuers.

"After saving all these kids, it's the cake on the cake," he added.

In total, 1 148 people were furnished, including 43 for rescue work after the attacks on Manchester and London in 2017, and 35 died.

Among the names of this list are those belonging to Christopher Nolan. The director of films such as "Inception", "Memento" or "The Dark Knight" trilogy, nominated this year at "Dunkirk" Oscars, will be the supreme commander of the British Empire Order.

Author of the "Dark Matter" Trilogy, wonderful author Philip Pullman has been ridden by the British Empire Order for Literature Services.

Comedian Michael Palin, in turn, becomes the first member of Monty Python's humorous group that gets the title Knight.

Conversely, as a documentary producer and travel writer, he is decorated for services to "culture and geography".

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