Paddy McGuinness and Andrew & # 39; Freddie & # 39; Flintoff join Top Gear

adminOctober 22, 2018

The BBC motorsport program of everyone's favorite has been in a state of almost continuous flow since Jeremy Clarkson hit a guy for some cold cuts, was fired and took his shoots to Amazon. The great tour. Now Top Gear He returns for a 27th series, and YouTube's beloved tire killer, Chris Harris, is also back, with two new new faces who are also hosts.

The BBC announced today that the three main presenters of the program will now be Harris, English comedian and television presenter Paddy McGuinness, and former cricket captain Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff.

The new hosts seemed happy, as they would, in a BBC press release:

McGuinness commented: "Getting the Top Gear concert is a real honor and I am delighted that the BBC has given me this opportunity."

"Being presented with a program that I've seen and loved since I was a little kid is more than exciting."

Former cricket captain Flintoff, an ash winner, said: "It is not often that you have the opportunity to do the two jobs of your dreams, but now I am lucky to say that I will have them."

"I've always been passionate about cars and I'm very excited to join the Top Gear team."

So, what are your car enthusiast credentials? Well, the 6-foot-4 Flintoff made headlines this year for buying a Lamborghini that barely fit in, and McGuiness bought a California Ferrari, also known as Random Rich Guy's first Ferrari, too. McGuiness also received a show called Stars in their cars, which is exactly what it sounds like. Hopefully you both know your shit and can shoot, like Harris.

The last change of alignment occurs after the news in May that ex-friends The American Matt LeBlanc, star and witness, would not return for the 2019 season, citing the amount of travel that took him away from his friends and family.

But the obvious question is this: what about Rory Reid, who for the past two seasons had led? Top Gear together with LeBlanc and Harris? Apparently, he is retiring as the main host, but he will continue to do the Extra Gear after the show. Again from the BBC:

Rory Reid, who joined the Top Gear team after the departure of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, will no longer play the lead role.

He started in front of the extra Gear Extra program in 2016, and co-hosted the main show along with LeBlanc and Harris in the most recent series,

According to the BBC, he "will continue to be part of the Top Gear family," along with Sabine Schmitz, and will remain the face of Extra Gear.

Being the clueless American that I am (cricket is not my thing, it is an incomprehensible excuse for a "sport", we refuse to apologize as it is our divine right as Americans) I do not know anything about McGuinness or Flintoff. But I'm quite sad to see that Reid is left out of the lead role. His contagious and genuine enthusiasm, path of the gadget journalist and YouTuber to Top Gear The host and the chemistry with the other guys always made it a marvel to watch. And as our own Kristen Lee wrote earlier this year, as a person who was not just another old type of white car in an industry full of them, Reid was a refreshing and important presence in such a high profile show. I'm glad you stay out there Extra gear, at least.

This is just the third major change in the lineup since 2016, after Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond pulled out of the program (well, the last two left, Clarkson was fired). His first iteration after that, with howls of ginger and supposedly pioneer #MeToo Chris Evans at the helm, was widely criticized. After that, the program was adapted to have LeBlanc, Harris and Reid as the main hosts, and that's when he finally seemed to find his true base.

The filming of the series 27 begins at the beginning of 2019. We will see what these guys are made of when it premieres a few months later.

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