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adminJanuary 8, 2019

Mary Victoria Henao, WidowPablo Escobar , he assured that it is irresponsible to introduce himself as one of the most famous drug merchant in the world in the series. narcos & # 39; of Netflix.

In an interview, he offered to La Vanguardia after the release of his book "Pablo Escobar: My Life and My Prison", which took place in mid-November last year, Mary Victoria Henao, was critical to this type of productions.

"There is a lack of responsibility for these series designs because it is very dangerous for young people (who cannot) distinguish the damage that this story can cause. It encourages them to imitate a sign that should not be imitated," he said.

Mary Victoria Henao She also explained that one of the reasons that led her to write the text was to be willing to see how they loosened her picture in the television series and in some media.

In the sense, Mary Victoria Henao He pointed out that it took 25 years to shape the publication, where he made more than one revelation about his life with one of the most ruthless criminals in the world.

"I was waiting for fear (of all that lived next to Pablo Escobar) went away, but the years went by and the fear did not go away (…) I felt responsible as my grandson and my children knew my story and my pain, "indicated.

Mary Victoria Henao He also stated that he was guilty of the victims Pablo Escobar, as he now considers a psychopath. "You don't know what it costs me, for my children and my grandchildren, to have to accept it," he said.

On the other hand, Maria Victoria Henao, who live in Argentina, revealed that he has been studying and teaching coaching for several years and getting women and men involved in toxic conditions.

"Sometimes they use years and years to mess if you go, or you don't leave an abuser or a drug addict. If these people are so hard to take that step, I still don't have answers to what can be done with living with Pablo Escobar, who was the most powerful man in Latin America. It's not easy, he said.

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