"Oz one of the greatest writers in the country"

adminDecember 30, 2018

Photo: Fronteiras do Pensamento – Photo of Porto Alegre – Amos Oz

Prominent figures of national work praised the most successful writer and internationally recognized, who died Friday at the age of 79, having confirmed a fierce fight against cancer.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expresses his regret at the famous author's death Amos Oz and noted "Oz expressed with talent and emotions the most important aspects of the Israeli experience."

President Rivlin and his wife Nehama, for their part, expressed their regret after the writer's death says "it was a story of love and light and now of great darkness. The rest in peace, our beloved Amos."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu echoes the feelings of Rivlin and his wife and said, "Amos Oz was one of the greatest authors of the State of Israel." He contributed to the renewal of Hebrew literature, expressing, with talent and emotion, important aspects of the Israeli experience.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu added, "Although we did not agree with any posts, I greatly appreciate Amos Oz's contribution to Hebrew language and literature."

Yair Lapid, chairman of the party Yesh Atid tweeted "Amos Oz once wrote: It is allowed to touch! To move, approach, distance, change and leave a mark. Touch a stone, touch what is alive, touch the people! Oz was successful and achieved the goal, it affected us all. "

Amos Oz, devoted much of his life to public activity, was associated with the Zionist Left. Miri Regev, Minister of Culture and Sports, also paid her respect to the author. "I'm sorry I heard this news." Your creations will continue to resonate in Israel and in the world, resting in peace, courageous spirit (paraphrase the word "oz in power, strength"), added Regev.

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