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Do you know why you're on stage?

I think it takes a demon to perform publicly. Something negative, so one needs to deal with himself. Stand-up comedy is like creating a sport where you need to know what a feeling is and how you do it. But you have to spend a lot of time with yourself and also find out who you are and what makes you so angry.

Anxiety as a driving force?

Not that, but they are rarely positive emotions. No one asks himself in everyday life, why am I so happy right now? There is always something negative to deal with. All my comedians have been miserable and unhappy for a long time. And I also have many stages where I do not feel so good.


Interviews are astonished, fall off the chair, make a flickering.

Seriously, if you see them, you assume nothing dark, but a desire played forward, not a private drama.

Drama would be exaggerated. When I'm on stage, it's already dealt with for me. So it's not like you have to think when you visit my program: "Oh, God, the poor!" For me, the drama is already over. But that's what got me on Louis C.K. so sad.

"All my comedians have been unhappy for a long time."

The famous American comedian Louis C.K. masturbating in front of the staff.

And I thought, Louis C.K. Be stand-up comedian, who does everything the best. And not even does he manage to overcome his dark side.

He has made many jokes that obviously have something to do with his dark side.

I always assumed that these jokes were a kind of catharsis to him. But as we now know, it was not enough to stop his perversion. Of course, he has a psychological problem. But I think Louis C.K. Has handled it well, has admitted everything, public apology. He could be one of the few who became pilloried during the #MeToo debate, which nevertheless wants some sort of comeback.

What has changed #MeToo in the German-speaking comedy scene?

We are probably much more educated now than we were a year and a half ago when it comes to respect for private and private sphere. But of course there is sexual harassment in the comedy scene. Unfortunately, it's part of it. But I think comedians find it easier to stave off unwanted advances and boundaries by saying, "Uh, what are you doing? Are you crazy? Go away!" And then it's okay. Anyone who does professional humor is hopefully at a point where he is not injurious, but immediately stops when someone says, "Who, what bastard!"

So, as a comedian, do you always try to touch boundaries and sometimes cross them?

That's what you can say. But for me it is clear that this is always an intellectual sense of boundaries. Although it sometimes gets very physical. For example, when I get to party parties for the politicians "heute-show". In the mix it can sometimes happen that I am pulled away or pushed away with a hand on the neck of a bodyguard. But that's okay too.

"In the meantime, politicians know me, they will take a self-help with me."

Do you think it's okay?

I know it's not normal what I do, at least one meter away from Angela Merkel, in the middle of a crowd. And for some, politicians have their bodyguards. I think it's good that there are professional bodyguards who push me with my hand on my neck. Before the politicians hit me in the face. Not that it would have happened. But that's exactly what these politician interviews are, just exhausting.

They succeeded repeatedly in the coup. As you are talking about the AfD policeman Alice Weidel on a Merkel joke on her black-water cleaning lady, which Weidel had definitely not expected.

These are very special moments, because I know I'm talking to one of the most important right signals in Europe. And I'm on the trigger. But it always depends on the context and how the politicians react. Meanwhile, the politicians know me, they will take a self-help with me.

During a stay in the USA, they made their own Facebook series with comedian Thomas Spitzer. In it, Spitzer tries to eat a large burrito until he can no longer.

It was so bad. When we film something like that, I don't even think people will actually watch it. But we cut a scene a lot because it was just too much: we went to the Tabasco plantation to shoot a documentary where I perform as a Bavarian lady. We found it very funny, but it would have been too strange for the public.

It makes you very curious!

Ok, I'm considering setting up my own payment channel.

"I don't know who is watching television today."

Do you try so much in your own Facebook formats because it would not be possible on TV?

In fact, it's a bit like cooking in a star-art restaurant where you can have traditional Italian food. But the star chef would like to try sushi. This is not possible in his restaurant, so he invites his friends to his home and makes sushi for them. That's how it is with me.

Many comedians have the ambition to be maximum political, they want to land a coup, for example, a state crisis with Turkey start up.

Of course, it is a kind of coronation to create a twist in a political crisis situation, ie whether something new and different can actually be understood. But I always find it fun when people just watch late night programs for information. If you really want to make an opinion on the policy, you can't help but read the paper. I find it too restrictive for comedians when they say something is just political when it comes to politicians. Because everything around us is actually shaped by politics.

You don't want to be a political activist?

At least, I do not see it as my job to be political in the sense that I tell people what to think in detail. One of the best comedians is Jerry Seinfeld, who is not political at all. But because he is a very precise map of society, he is almost politically in a way than people who say something about Trump every other sentence. There are also more important topics than Trump and what he does. Our environment is deteriorating, which I find much more urgent as a subject. Much more exciting than Trump, I also find the question of whether the president is the boss of the people. Or vice versa: If the president is an employee because he is elected by the people. We see this in France with "gilets jaunes".

Macaroons are under pressure.

Exactly, he has a gunman. But he himself is also a Scheischschef.

And you?

I'm primarily there for people to laugh. But I think this is not possible without a certain intellectual or emotional depth. I have not yet recorded the latest broadcast with Kurt Aeschbacher. Can we go to the lab bar?

Of course, do you have life goals?

Attention, the tram!

Oh, thank you! It was close.

So I will definitely not come under the tram or die soon. But honestly, I find it very difficult to plan in the longer term, as Netflix and all the other streaming services are currently changing the entire production landscape where I operate. Therefore, I concentrate on the solo program: that I am happy that it is played quite large and that it can be turned into a cool recording that will be available on Netflix or anywhere.

With "Deville" and "Late Update" by Michael Elsener, SRF has two late-night programs from January. Were you also asked for it?

Let's say this way, I've always made it very clear in recent years that my own late night program is out of the question for me. I don't know who is watching television today. At least I know no one. For me, this is now as exotic as if someone told me that aquarium exhibitions are his hobby. But of course there are streaming offers. It would be annoying to me even if I didn't have a clear idea of ​​what it might be at the moment.

Especially for the live comedy, Netflix is ​​a big competition.

During the rehearsals of my new solo program, I have repeatedly told the audience: "I don't know why you are here, you probably have Netflix." But watching live comedy is not a disadvantage of having so much on the screen because live is just something else. Although I can't do much with the comparison, I think it's a bit like watching porn and having sex myself. There is also a difference.

Oh, I already see the title of our interview.

No, you're a quality department!

Maybe we make an exception here.

Okay, another comparison: Live comedy is like football. People still go to the stadium, although you can choose your own camera angle on pay-TV channels.

It is the dissertation that all Swiss comedians settle on a fed Emil humor. Except Hazel Brugger.

The question is why people laugh. Do you want people to love you right now? Or do you want them to laugh because you want to enjoy yourself in the long term? If the latter is the case, you need to develop yourself, then you cannot be disseminated. You must then lead people to where humor will take place. It should not be dictated by the audience. But it can be a danger in Switzerland, because you can live well on comedy if you cook up to the audience.

Do you have a dissertation why Roger Federer became such an obsession for you as he appears in the text over and over again?

Well, there's no bigger star in Switzerland than Roger Federer. But I find it obvious that even if he is the best tennis player, he has no meaning at all.

You once wrote that Federer is as exciting as a roundabout. Just less crazy decorated.

Yes, but my Federer obsession has reduced, as I am in Cologne a lot. No one knows him there.
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