OP claims about Michelle after the look of the Fischer show

adminDecember 28, 2018

Plump lips, no wrinkles: Hit star Michelle looked at her latest TV appearance in the "Helene Fischer Show". She denies that she was helped by a beauty teacher.

With a duet Michelle (46) inspired in the Christmas exhibition to Schlager Queen Helene Fischer (34) their fans. But the appearance of "I 80 kisses around the world" made the singer for discussions among his followers: Was the hit star the beauty under the knife? Michelle showed in the "Helene Fischer Show" strikingly wrinkle-free and with lumpy lips. Suspicion to the fans: The singer was the pouty-miss of a beauty Doc miss!

"What happened to Michael's face?"

"What happened to Michael's face? Is there a Botoxgüterzug accident or solid?" Commented on a Twitter user. "What does it look like?" Asked a fan. .

On Instagram, Michelle now defends the claims and claims that nothing was injected or operated on her. "I just want to make it clear that I didn't make lips or anything else in my face," she writes in a self-confidence. Her explanation of the new look: The lighting was not favorable. "Unfortunately, it often happens that the light in a show was not optimal …"

Many fans doubt that light is responsible for Michael's new look. "Strange picture. You almost can't see anything from her face, and I don't recognize her as Michelle again, "mocks an Instagram user." Yes, the light was to blame. Why didn't Helene look like who was in the same light? Bad, if you can't stand behind his actions, a critic says. (KAD)

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