Only this one was missing! Ljubomir adopts drug use and spits in the face of a medical national

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Surprised? Well … Ljubomir Stanisic even spit in the face of a psychoanalyst who searched for one of the most complicated heights in his life.
Having gone bankrupt and lost 1 million euros, the most feared chef in Portugal tried to find a solution to solve his financial problems.

Desperate, he hired the help of a psychoanalyst. "I didn't have money, just a private health card, I gave the card to go to the doctor's office, and I didn't pay, I worked for the consultation." Mental problem ", nan exclusive interview with a group of five students in writing and culinary culture & # 39; Papas na Língua & # 39; published in the blog of journalist Ricardo Dias Feliner. .

"When I went to the psychoanalyst, in the first of three consultations, I told him:" Drugs, I buy myself, okay? I have a dealer that gives me good drugs, so I don't want yours. .

But it did not go as the Yugoslav had requested. "By the third deal, she told me she should prescribe only two things, one in the morning and one in the evening." I got up and spat on her face. made me a lot of confusion: a rule I had implemented failed at a time when it was wrong. "

However, Ljubo guarantees that it was this act of the doctor who saved him. "I realized that no one could help me. I thank her: her mistakes make me go out and lie in front of everything."

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