Only I deserved to win Bigg Boss 12: Surbhi Rana

adminDecember 28, 2018

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Surbhi Rana made an exit from Bigg Boss 12 during the midway vision.

Surbhi Rana on Thursday made an exit from Bigg Boss 12 during the midway vision. With all six participants nominated in the final, Surbhi received the smallest number of votes. The Wildcard competitor has had an eventful journey on the show. Known for being opinionated and straightforward, Surbhi also drew a lot of criticism over her aggressive and abusive personality. Post her elimination, ex-Roadies sat down with for an exclusive chat.

Talking about her eviction, Surbhi said, "I've never expected to be eliminated from Bigg Boss, who is only inches away from the finals. To be honest, I saw myself as the winner. I had every aspect of a champion, but you can Don't win over destiny. So I'm taking this on my step and continuing to work hard. "

It has been widely said about Surbhi who is projecting a fake personality in the show. Sharing her side of the story, she said, "Surbhi is a girl who believes in expressing herself. She is strong and a power plant, which has been well proven in the show. Also, I may have been criticized for it, but I think to always say the truth. One must have a clear perspective on what is right and wrong. I have my feelings, but I am never afraid to stand for the truth. "

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In the last couple of weeks, participants had accused Surbhi of sitting down to paint a positive image before the final. Ask her if their claims were true, said Himachal Pradesh's dentist: "Many people say many things. And they are my competitors. Clearly they couldn't stand the positive changes in me. We all have our moments of emotional outbursts and if I could Learn to control it, it is a good achievement. "

It would not be wrong to say that Surbhi Rana would be remembered most for her aggressive battles in the Bigg Boss 12 House. Speaking of her enmity with Sreesanth and Dipika Kakar, the excluded spokesman said: "People tend to always go against someone who is strong. I had my share of struggles clear because it was a clash of thought process. If I see someone doing wrong, I speak to them, and I make it loud and bold. Also, I see people alike and have never differentiated them as commoners and celebrities. I have my set of beliefs and I had them on the show that I wanted in my life. "

She further shared that she is proud to have created history at Bigg Boss by becoming the captain five times. And when asked if she had regretted, Surbhi said, "Absolutely no regrets. I am very happy with my journey. The good I have was loved and appreciated, and I tried my best to change mistakes in me. I think It takes a lot of courage to accept your mistakes and learn from them. "

When quizzed about her changing likeness with Romil Chaudhary was the cause of the breakup of Happy Club, Surbhi said: "Everyone is a competitor in the game. Yes, Happy Club may have played together, but eventually we had to compete against each other too. Romil, I realized we had a completely different approach to life, he is quite a diplomat while I am not, so when it is not alike, it is better to separate, and anyway I am a solo warrior and I do not need anyone to fight against my battles. "

The 26-year-old was recently reprimanded by host Salman Khan. Surbhi had accused him of being biased. Informing her that she was carried away, said Surbhi: "Everything that comes from Salman Bhaiya is just love. He is a wise and kind man and knows his life much better than us. I did not call him biased, I just felt that the housewives were very partial "In a show where everyone lost temper and used lumpy language, why was I constantly picked?"

Finally, when we asked Surbhi to choose his choice as the winner of Bigg Boss 12, she said, "I have no doubt to accept that if it is not me, no one else deserves it. Surbhi Rana is the true winner of the show . "

Post her exit, Bigg Boss 12 has found her top five in Deepak Thakur, Sreesanth, Dipika Kakar, Karanvir Bohra and Romil Chaudhary. One of them will be announced as the winner on December 30th.

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