One of the alleged victims of Kevin Spacey shot sex abuse. The actor now risks prison

adminDecember 27, 2018

The young man accusing Kevin Spacey of sexually killing him near Boston in the summer of 2016 shot part of the aggression, according to a complaint from the AFP, the actor expected in court early in January, writes

Kevin Spacey

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Spacey, a 59-year-old former Oscar-winning House of Cards series, has to appear on the Nantucket court on January 7 to familiarize him with "the accusation of a person over the age of 14".

He judges, if he is sentenced, a maximum of five years in prison.

The young man, the 18-year-old William Little during the alleged aggression of the night of July 7 to 8, 2016, told the police that he had sent messages via Snapchat, including a video to his girlfriend, in the bar-restaurant "Club Car" in Nantucket, where he was with the actor, according to the documents.

Little were seasonal workers at the "Club Car". He lived in the restaurant after the program had met Kevin Spacey, whose fan was.

After presenting himself to the star and claiming to be 23 years old, you have to be 21 years old to eat alcohol in Massachusetts – he started drinking with the actor, first beer and then whiskey.

Kevin Spacey invited the young man to his home with other friends.

Little refused, provided the actor wanted to seduce him. But he lived in the restaurant because "wanted a picture with Spacey, something for Instagram", according to the complaint. Then the actor put his hand in the pants of the young man and touched him in the gender range, according to the source.

Little tried to reject Spacey as he exchanged messages with his girlfriend about aggression. When she didn't believe him, he sent a video with the actor. A video found by the police, the young man confirming that the photos were those with Spacey and he, according to the complaint.

When the actor went to the toilet, a woman the police did not find came to her because she was not part of the testimony mentioned in the complaint, to the young man, clearly "in need," and advised her to go immediately.

When he returned to his grandmother, where he lived this summer, Little trusted his sister when her mother's second day. The latter, the journalist Heather Unruh, was the first to speak publicly about aggression in November 2017.

Contacted, Kevin Spacey's lawyer did not respond to AFP requests.

The charge from the Nantucket Tribunal is the only one that is currently violating him, but other investigations have been opened against Kevin Spacey as a result of other abuses in Los Angeles and London, where he led the Old Vic theater for 11 years in quality by artistic director.

The actor has not appeared publicly since the first charges against him in October 2017, at the beginning of the "#MeToo" movement.

He was excluded from the last season of "House of Cards", as well as from Ridley Scott's latest "All Money in the World", where he was replaced in extreme with Christopher Plummer.

On Monday, when it was announced when he was innocent, Kevin Spacey published an ambiguous video on YouTube, where his character Frank Underwood from "House of Cards" continues and evokes unspecified accusations.

"If we didn't pay for things, we all know I'm guilty, I don't pay for the things I haven't done", he addressed the viewers. "Of course they will say that I am disrespectful, do not follow the rules," he continued. "As if I had played before. I never did and liked it. "

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The video has triggered a lot of criticism, especially from the actors Alyssa Milano and Patricia Arquette.

Ellen Barkin (who appeared in "Ocean's Thirteen") described him as "very disturbing". "Maybe because Frank Underwood's crimes are imaginary while Kevin Spacey is not," the actress emphasized in a Twitter message.


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