One Hallmark Movies Star Absolutely loves working for the network

adminNovember 22, 2018

It's no secret that many people love Hallmark movies. Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries produce films for television throughout the year, specializing in themed Christmas novels, candid stories and mysteries that make people flock to the networks on a monthly basis. If you've seen more than a handful of these movies, you've probably noticed that several actors seem to make their appearance in these films a priority. Well, now one of those actors, Kristoffer Polaha, has revealed how wonderful it is to work in the Hallmark films.

My first experience for Hallmark was in 2015 in a movie called The Dater's Manual… At that moment, I thought maybe I would just make a movie and then I would go back to a series on the net, but Hallmark kept showing me love and my wife said to me: "Go where love is". She was right. Hallmark operates with loyalty and created a new business model in our industry. In short, I love acting for Hallmark.

As Kristoffer Polaha mentioned in the article he wrote for The Hollywood Reporter, Hallmark is about love and loyalty, two things that are evident when you watch his films. Most Hallmark films focus on relationships, whether among family, friends or romantic associations. And, as I mentioned earlier, it would be hard to see more of some of the films made for any of the Hallmark channels and not see the same actors appear again and again. So, it seems that building relationships and keeping them strong is something that networks also like to focus on in real life.

Polaha points out that Hallmark continued to show her love, and it is obvious that thanks to her growing catalog of Hallmark Channel films, it means that those behind the network liked to work with him and decided to continue offering him opportunities to be a prominent man. in several romances. In fact, from The Dater's Manual, Polaha has made four more films with Hallmark; Christmas hearts, The rocky mountain of Christmas Y Pearl in paradise They were released previously, with their last effort, Small town Christmas, which will debut on December 16 at Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Part of the "new business model" that Kristoffer Polaha talks about, probably relates to the way Hallmark is not afraid to choose the same actors in similar roles for many of his films. With each film unrelated to the others (unless it is specifically indicated that the film is a sequel) it is still not uncommon to find actors who repeat the main roles. And yet, there seems to be no doubt that the same actors can reappear in one film after another for Hallmark and attract the audience on board with any new scenario (ish) that they help present to viewers.

I say that the new scenario (ish) is not bad, since even Kristoffer Polaha continues to talk about how most Hallmark films have the same basic theme (usually falling in love), but that familiarity is what it seems to lead to people to the scene. Movies instead of driving them away. As someone who has seen a good number of these films (and has even made fun of some of them), I can tell you that Polaha and Hallmark have really noticed something important.

When entering a Hallmark film, it is never a secret that the protagonists will fall in love, the broken family will be reconciled, the father obsessed with the race will discover that there is more to life than making money or that the joy of Christmas and the spirit of the Christmas season will conquer everything. No one who watches a Hallmark movie tunes the result, tunes in for the trip. The family trip, easy to digest, simple and, sometimes, stupid, which will always be pure escapism of real life problems.

For some reason, Hallmark has been able to do dozens and dozens of movies every year that use some basic ideas in different combinations and still make people not only see, but eagerly anticipate the next movie that will be nosedive. The familiarity of which Kristoffer Polaha speaks is to take the fans to the networks, instead of pushing them away. You do not put it in Hallmark asking what you could get; you put it in Hallmark because you know you will not have to think about how difficult personal relationships are.

Speaking of personal relationships, Hallmark clearly has strong working relationships with many of the actors who have starred in the films of the channel, since the same stars tend to appear repeatedly. And who can really blame them? Apart from the fact that it should be nice to be an actor who can trust some jobs a year, it should also be a blessing to know that when you go to those jobs, you will work with people you can trust and have faith in your talent and what they bring to the table. Also, there is no doubt at this point that millions of people will see your work if you star in a Hallmark movie. You may not be famous for doing them, but you will not be working in the dark either.

It turns out that working for Hallmark several times is not just about getting a paycheck for Polaha. According to him, having a lot of people throwing themselves into Hallmark movies at any time of the year has made his work relevant in a way he did not expect. After telling a story about finally being able to connect with an older fan who had seen his work in Hallmark films, but nothing else he had done, Polaha talked about how movies even help him bond with his own family.

As an actor, I lean towards Hallmark because it's fun to sit down with my seven-year-old son and show him what I do for a living. These are movies for families. I'm leaning because Nana, 91, finally thinks I did it in Hollywood because I'm in Hallmark. I am leaning towards them because they lean towards me and show me love.

It seems that there are several actors who have chosen to "lean on" Hallmark just like Kristoffer Polaha. And, we are better for it. For more information on what you can watch on TV when you're not watching Hallmark movies, check out our 2018 fall premiere guide and our 2019 half-season premiere guide.

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