Once again, the Heathers revival pulls the episodes due to mass shooting

adminOctober 29, 2018

Courtesy of Paramount Network.

Even when its broadcast condensed to five nights, Paramount Heather The television reactivation could not avoid hitting a mass shooting.

The satirical comedy, based on the classic teen movie of the same name, was originally scheduled to debut in March. Then, the filming of the school in Parkland, Florida, moved the network to boost the premiere of the program. Last month, Paramount announced that it would broadcast the series in a Five-night event: after editing some confidential content. But on Sunday night, following another shootout, this time at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, the network released the two episodes scheduled for air due to scenes involving the training of active shooters in the fictional high school program.

According to The Hollywood Reporter The end of Monday will be broadcast as planned, although with some serious editions; Apparently, the series will not end with the explosion of high school. (That's how the original 1988 film was supposed to end, until studio executives put the kibosh on the idea). T.H.R. that Paramount had previously been considering a debut in early July for the show, until another shooting occurred in Santa Fe this May.

Talking with V.F. in February, the Heather creator of adaptation Jason Micallef He stressed that the surest way to sink a show of this kind would be to dilute it. "Heather It's punk rock, "said Micallef. "The film, and our program, is a bit like a middle finger for society, and I do not want to lose that." I think there's a lot of value in that. We are not a special after school. We are not here to make people feel warm and comfortable. "In this case, however, it seems that the violence on screen combined with the smiling tone of the program was precisely what made it.

Although the Heather the revival has appeared cursed from the beginning, its continuing difficulties illustrate the greater sensitivity of television around mass shootings. In 2016, for example, the United States was forced to delay the release of its drama. Shooter several times, even completely erasing her from her summer TV and opting for a debut in November. And in FX last year, American Horror Story: Cult Trim a mass shooting scene after filming in Las Vegas left 58 dead. At this point, it seems, the studies and the creators they employ must face some very difficult decisions when it comes to describing this increasingly common facet of American life.

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