On the toilet, on the beach …: That's what the stars do in front of the jungle

adminJanuary 10, 2019

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image / STAR MEDIA

In line with our "eat less, no alcohol" plans, the jungle camp will finally start again on Friday. But until then, the twelve candidates will enjoy their celebrity status in a luxury hotel on the Gold Coast.

Soon, for the twelve participants of this year's RTL show, "I'm a Star – get me out of here!" celebrity luxury over. On Friday (from 21.15, RTL), the Jungle Cubs will have to give up their former status and flock around the infamous TV camp. Until then, celebrities still gather in the posh Palazzo Versace Hotel on the Gold Coast, about 80 kilometers south of Brisbane, where they enjoy the last few leisure times along with their respective escorts.

The hotel is an extremely luxurious 5-star Italian-style hotel with bespoke Versace furniture including its own marina and award-winning restaurants. Just right, before the entrance and exemptions in the jungle left with good food to fill your stomach and leave the soul. The escort left in the hotel can watch the show daily in a suite rented by RTL after the show starts – voluntarily.

By the way: Just as luxurious as before the jungle, the life of escort and those who come for an excursion is no longer after the season begins. For example, they have to buy their own breakfast and get from the broadcaster only a daily budget that they can use can freely dispose of. Rumors of alleged escapades of jungle camp participants in recent years, RTL also referred to the Fable Kingdom: There would have been no complaints about the candidates in the Versace Hotel.

After last night, participants with Domenico de Cicco, bobsleigh Olympic champion Sandra Kiriasis and Sibylle Rauch participated on Tuesday, all jungle campers on the east coast of Australia are soon on their way. Some of them already add instant images from Down Under. Evelyn Burdecki insisted, for example, on entering a more or less strange toilet photo from there on Instagram. Also GZSZ star Felix van Deventer was still in the comfort zone. Will they laugh after Friday?

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