Olivier Marchal, the whole actor, broke former police officer

adminNovember 27, 2018

Twenty years after the release, the novel The Purple Rivers is suitable for television. A series begins this Monday, 26 November in France 2. It emphasizes the main role, former police officer Olivier Marchal – completely and crushed.

One day at college, on the Jesuits in Bordeaux, the student Marchal had to make a draft. Bucolic topic: Tell a walk in the woods. It ended with the story ofa girl attached to a tree and tortured He rescues her, but finds himself hunted by the wicked. The baker's son is fed on Verneuil and Melvilles films. He sees John Wayne, he will be useful. He wants to be a policeman.

Twelve years to crime, then to anti-terrorism and above all night inspector at the judicial police (PJ). A world of violence, killing, martyred children. The chicken for sore supports poorly. Skinned, brawler, he drinks without thirst. Olivier Marchal feels useless and contemptuous. Thugs, he respects them until they leave money for the robbers' families during the search. For a long time he got postcards from the inmates he had packed. Some offered their services … It tempted him sometimes.

The theater as an outlet

Olivier Marchal makes two crucial meetings: Michèle Laroque, who wants to share her life for a few months, and the professor of the conservatory of the Xth arrondissement in Paris, who cheats to register it when he is over the age limit. Cop at night, actor during the day … With his handsome face cinoche, cracked, rage – "bear and teddy bear", he says.

He noticed in 1992, launched on television, exploded as director of 36 Quai des Orfèvres, and became a reference to the French thriller. Gang, the series Braquo… Works haunted by their demons, to better forget them. "If I did not succeed in the cinema, he said, I would become a Nénesse, an alcoholic, an idiot who does not like anything of disgust for himself. "

Always on the lead

Even today, Olivier Marchal is still on the line. "I do not hate, but I'm hurt," he says. "I take medicine to sleep, or wake up and cry." He confirms: "In the evening I drink a lot. That's a problem. I can not stand at night. "As a ritual, he walks and looks at his four children asleep, and he is afraid of them.

So, from movie to film, he has doubts and nostalgia. He, the lover of the 50's, dialogues with Audiard and old cars, throws his time. He fights against moralization and defends his friend Michel Neyret. After 20 years of marriage, His wife, Catherine Marchal, stays his best friend. She knows the other Marchal, the funny mess and good friend, according to her friends. And friends, it matters for the former policeman who works with emotional instincts. An old accomplice concludes: "If there is a big gust of wind, it will be upset".

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