October 29, 2018 will be the best week for these signs of the zodiac and will feel so magical

adminOctober 29, 2018

Can you feel the powerful, magnetic energy spinning in the air? Does not it feel like we are going deeper and deeper into something that changes life? Maybe it's the mystical effects of Halloween (also known as Samhain, the ancient Celtic holiday in which you reunite with your dead ancestors). Maybe it's the dark, secret, mysterious and passionate aura of the Scorpio season. Either way, a profound change is taking place in the cosmos, and some of us will feel its influence even more deeply. In fact, as of October 29, 2018, this will be the best week for these zodiacal signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Sagittarius. You'd better believe that you will feel beauty with the same intensity if any of the following is your rising sign.

Whether you're spending this week meeting the rest of your coven for some dark magic, bouncing up to "Monster Mash" with your crush, or even both of them, the cosmos is coming together for something fabulous this week. Even though Venus, the planet of love, luxury and romance, continues to pout through a naughty retrograde, there is no way that the following zodiac signs do not have a completely satisfying time. And, as Mercury, the planet of conversation, self-expression and brain power, is becoming an adventurous, savage and expansive Sagittarius as of October 31.

Cancer: you are opening your heart to so much pleasure


Whoa baby, is it hot here or is it just you? In all seriousness, Halloween is always an exciting time for you, because the sun is in your water sign, Scorpio, and it is sending inspiration to your fifth house of art, pleasure, creativity and fun.

This is a beautiful time to say "yes" to the exciting opportunities, play with fun during sex, express yourself through artistic efforts and avoid your inner critic. Now is not the time to get stuck in fear. At this time, you are destined to lavish all the beauty that this world has to offer you and allow the world to produce in you back. Create simply for the sake of creation. Often, the work we do for fun is the one that has the most meaning.

Scorpio: you're going to feel wild and free-spirited


Halloween is inseparably linked to your zodiac sign. When you are known for your deep and dark desire, your interest in the taboo of all things and your positive sexual attitude, how could you? do not to be royalty on a vacation? The sun is in your first house of self, and no one can take away your status as the supreme witch.

And that is not the only reason why this week is so special. You have been having a rather stressful time with retrograde Venus in Scorpio. However, the cosmos is lifting its charge, and Venus is backing away from its sign and backing towards Libra. Let the air cartel deal with your problems, right?

Sagittarius: your genius mind is thinking so clearly


Do you feel so in touch with your evil genius? Are you preparing brightly threatening plans without much effort? It may have something to do with the fact that, as of October 31, Mercury will officially enter Sagittarius. We all know how talented you are of a philosopher, but when Mercury is on your side, your intelligence is setting fire.

Although Mercury may be to the detriment of your zodiacal sign, you bring so much adventure to the universe when you join this planet. When governing communication, cognitive function and planning, it is time for you to show us how much beauty lies in spontaneity.

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