Oana Zavoranu, a rough message to Exatlon 3

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Oana Zăvoranu has a rough message to Exatlon 3. Having been told that the star will attend the show on Channel D, Oana Zăvoranu says that she never comes to the show and that her name and show join is just a way to promote Channel D. "It is necessary to clarify that the point is already out there! I have no problem with my participation in the EXACTON EMISSION!", he said Oana Zavoranu.

The star has called on those who have released rumors that they will participate in Exatlon 3. "I want TV channel Channel D, or another" broadcast "to stop advertising with me on this show or on this topic! I understand the need for advertising on my account at various shows, but thank you, that's not the case 😂🤪… I understand, you take it around, but you have no chance, let … " Oana Zavoranu wrote in his account about Instagram.

Oana Zăvoranu, a tough message to Exatlon 3: "I didn't want to be part of my life when I eat bugs"

Disturbed by the fact that Oana Zavoranu publicly found information that she would participate in Exatlon 3, had a rough message and said this is excluded. The star seemed disturbed that his name was tied to a show that didn't match him. more Pepes ex-wife warned those who announced their participation in the show to stop false rumors.

Oana Zăvoranu's full message from Instagram

"I wouldn't take part in my life when I eat bugs or three muscles, sleep in one leg, live with $ 1 a day, roll in clay, go with shoes with three smaller numbers, or go wash the bed … or not Stop with these miracles, what the hell are we in 2019, I have claims … you see me the same way.😬. Love, Oana 😎 ", he wrote Oana Zavoranu in the message on his Instagram account.

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