Nur Yerlitaş: I'm sorry for the marble families

adminDecember 27, 2018

Fashion Designer Nur Yerlitaş, published in Channel D & # 39; 2. Page & # 39; connected to the application by phone. Misunderstood fashion designer, "I'm sorry for the martyr's families.

Nur Yerlitaş, & # 39; 2. The line header is as follows:
Ine, I hope I get a little after my life. To say, "I see my sister on the phone from people whose blaspheme is always there", "the martyr where you have fun there." Immediately, the sister sees the martyrs, no news. But I want you to close the broadcast. & # 39; & # 39; I'm not closing? I hear something that is martyr? I do something like that? He's standing there. I do something like that, I don't delete the interview? That picture was the next day. I'm not lying.

So many applicants said, "Let's get you to the martyrs and help them." I can't do that. Olur I did, I accepted I would be like. I did not do that. I stayed with Bülent Ersoy for 10 days. I am a woman who cannot see sadness when there are reports of martyrs.

Do you know which associations I do? I'm not a socialite. I mean, the families of the martyr's families who took me down, I say the truth, there are statements. I didn't use the significance of the martyrs of the bullan aman martyrs to me. For God's sake, call Serkan Kaya to let his wife talk. They wrote very bad things to me. The only thing that disturbed me was the sadness of martyr's families. I was sorry for him. To understand it. I'm sorry for them. I wish you 1500. May Allah put them in the light. He didn't care what the artists said, what he said. It was a concern for martyrs' families. "

Turkey War Veterans Preparation for Widows and Orphans Association of Martyrs, Martyr Families The Solidarity Cultural and Social Solidarity Association also decided not to prosecute persons and institutions initiated investigation into 72 criminal complaints, among them.

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