Nuno Markl asks for 2019 … for Instagram! – Current events

adminDecember 30, 2018

The comedian compared himself to César Mourão and Vasco Palmeirim.

Nuno Markl decided to end the year with a special request (and something funny). After a few unsuccessful attempts to get the certificate symbol on Instagram, the comedian left a message to the social network.

The comedian shared a picture showing the accounts of César Mourão and Vasco Palmeirim, duly indicated, and again his page was highlighted in the same way.

"Dear Instagram: My desire for 2019 is to have a we a blue star in front of my name, like my friends, Caesar and Vasco. I don't know what benefits it brings, but I feel less of a person for it. I know that My life will change to the best when you have one we a little blue star. If I say it's bad on Facebook, which is the same owner, then forget the little star because I keep everything I said, "he wrote.

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