Nude Natalie Paris: Christmas gift by model paisa

adminDecember 26, 2018

45 years have passed since the arrival of the world Natalia Paris, the beautiful and sensual country that conquered the disasters in the world.

Today, dedicated to several personal businesses, this Beautiful woman continues to love her followers through social networks.

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In the last few hours, he published in his Instagram account a photograph that left netizens speechless.

It was a black lace thong it He stunned his followers and raised comments from this goddess's made woman.

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In the image that has caused furrows in the social networks, you can see the back completely uncovered by the model, and you can also see the tattoo on the upper back.

"Good morning, Merry Christmas!", Says the legend of the photograph, which was filmed by the divine model that has fallen in love with the Colombians for several years.

This picture of the model has in social network over 40,000 likes and have made all kinds of comments.

One of the facets that few know about Natalia Paris is the DJ. The model in 2011 was launched in the music world with the role that has served him to receive criticism and also praise from those who have participated in their "touches".

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Natalia Paris has also suggested that she is the protagonist of sentences like "I don't smoke marijuana because it gives me celluliteBut she herself has said that she never mentioned that subject and that she is far from the stupid blonde that they wanted to show her. She takes jokes that gives her a good sense of humor.

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