"Now I know what nostalgia is." Careful Galician speaks for the first time about the son's death

adminJanuary 8, 2019


Baltazar Gallego, DJ and producer known as Razat, died 32 years old

Custody Gallego was one of the guests at Cristina Ferreira's debut show at SIC on Monday. The actor, who lost his son last August, spoke publicly for the first time on the subject.

"My difficulty is not because of my pain of loss, it is because of anger, because of the rebellion that he can no longer live," he began to say.

The actor admits that she now knows the true meaning of the word "nostalgia" and, while defending that time, does not heal pain, she believes it "softens".

"Now I know what I miss … You know what you're missing and what you want, and you know you don't want it," he added.

For Custody Gallego to quickly return to work, after her son died, at age 32, something helped her deal better with the situation.

"It was really good that I started working right away," she confessed, adding that she accepted Cristina Ferreira's invitation to help all the mothers suffering from losing a child.

Baltazar Gallego, DJ and producer known as Razat, died in the fight against cancer.

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