No, Ryan Reynolds did not steal the idea for once about a Deadpool

adminNovember 23, 2018

The idea behind Once Upon A Deadpool It seems a little crazy on his face. Let's take Deadpool 2, edit all the material that makes it into an R-rated movie so you can achieve a PG-13 rating, then add a framing device where Deadpool tells the story to a adult Fred Savage to the The princess Bride. How does someone have an idea like that? Well, it turns out that someone had the idea before Deadpool 2 A writer and artist recently pointed out that he suggested exactly that idea last year.

Michael Vincent Bramley posted the idea of use The princess Bride The framing device, complete with an adult Fred Savage, last December, when the first rumors of Disney buying Fox began. At that time, while the idea that Disney obtained a part of its intellectual property under license from Fox It was an exciting idea for many, the only exception was Deadpool. Marvel Cinematic Universe is a world quite strictly PG-13, as is much of the Disney material. That could theoretically have meant the end of the R qualification dead Pool movies if Disney was in charge and Bramley thought that this idea would work to make PG-13 versions of future Deadpool films for Disney.

However, before Disney takes possession of Fox and, by association, Deadpool, exactly that idea has become a reality. Instead of a future sequel, Once Upon a Deadpool is a corrected version of Deadpool 2 Complete with kidnapped Fred Savage in a Chicago Bears jersey.

At first glance, it seems that the idea sent directly to Ryan Reynolds on Twitter may have been stolen by someone without the original source having received any credit or compensation. The idea is certainly floated by some on Twitter, including Michael Vincent Bramley himself. However, Bramley apparently had the opportunity to speak directly with Ryan Reynolds on the subject, and it does not appear that any theft has occurred.

Ryan Reynolds is supposed to get many things sent to him via Twitter, so it's very possible that he never saw the tweet in question. That seems to be what the actor told Bramley. Nor is it completely unreasonable to believe that two people had the same idea independently. Clearly it has happened before. Hell, if the calculation can be invented by two people independently, then a plot of the movie can be designed separately.

It does not seem that anyone was planning to sue anyone for this problem, but it seems that everything was up and no matter. Now everyone can go have a look Once Upon A Deadpool with a clear conscience.

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