Nightmare photographer: Katherine, 26, employed to catch a wedding, is taken by the police

adminNovember 28, 2018

There are jobs that by nature require judgment. That of the photographer is one. But this young American did not respect this golden rule when she had to conduct a wedding that took place in Texas. Katherine Leigh Mehta, 26, has actually crossed many taboos by immortalizing an event for which she was paid. The young photographer, who is also a model, was caught by having sex with a guest, and then she was seen urinating under a tree in front of some guests. Ask to leave the place, the young woman would start offending the guests who told him to leave, shouting "they would soon be dead".

The bride and groom had not been kept up to date by the young woman's escapades in the evening, revealing a Mirror source, but Katherine left the night handcuffs escorted by the police.

Katherine spent the night under the lock and key. His ties are set at $ 10,738. In her defense, the young woman claims that she has been drinking in the evening. A prescription for anxiolytics has been found in the pocket. The young woman uses regularly. Mixed with alcohol, the cocktail can be very dangerous.

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